Fleet Servicing Penrith

Having trouble keeping your car fleet at full strength? We know how difficult it can be. Coordinating with the fleet manager and arranging for repairs, sending cars for maintenance at proper intervals, keeping the log books up-to-date, upholding warranties and having essential services performed can be overwhelming.

Regular maintenance and repairs are very important if you want to keep your fleet moving. Penrith Car Service can perform a number of services on your fleet. Intelligent scheduling ensures that most of your fleet remains on the road at any give time. When you engage Penrith Car Service for Fleet Maintenance we ensure the following.

The fleet is well maintained

A well-maintained fleet is more reliable and contributes to better cash flow.

Mobile Mechanic Service

We come to you. Saving you time sending staff to drop cars off

Loan Cars

We supply loan cars to keep your fleet on the road.

Fleet Servcing

Repairs are quickly performed

Our facility is fully stocked. No waiting for spare parts and other items needed for repairs.

Warranties are upheld

If a car is not serviced as and when recommended by the manufacturer certain warranties can get void.

Running costs are minimised

The fuel efficiency of the fleet will increase.

Resale value is optimised

If you ever decide to sell the car, because the car has been regularly maintained it will attract a better price.

When you engage our services, you get many benefits

We can also advise you on the various vehicle lease and finance purchase options available through our extensive list of business partners.

Penrith Car Service are authorised agents and repairers for the following companies:

 Authorised agents and repairers

To know more about out fleet management services, our rates and the services we can provide, call our customer care executives at (02) 4721 3662.